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Living Life To Its Fullest. April 9, 2009

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April is OT Month! 

“Occupational therapy helps people of all ages and abilities live life to its fullest. By taking the full picture into account—a person’s psychological, physical, emotional, and social makeup—occupational therapy enables people to achieve their goals, function at the highest possible level, concentrate on what matters most to them, maintain or rebuild their independence, and participate in everyday activities that bring meaning to their lives. ”

Visit the American Occupational Therapy Association website (www.aota.org) to find out more about OT.

To find out if your child could benefit from OT, check out this helpful page on the KidWorks website (http://www.kidworkstherapy.com/WhatIsOT.htm)



One Response to “Living Life To Its Fullest.”

  1. Bill Klasinski Says:

    Rebecca, PT’s, OT’s, Speech, Volunteers, etc:

    Thanks so much for inviting Billy and Bobby to play at your office yesterday. The boys had an awesome experience and I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the professionalism and personal attention to work that everyone expressed, etc. All employees had a high energy and were guinuinely (sp?) concerned with the children. It was truly refreshing to see a group of professionals love their work and help children with needs. You really touch many lives (the children, their siblings, parents and extended family). Thanks for helping others achieve greatness in their lives. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
    From Biily and Bobbys Daddy

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