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Feeling Overwhelmed? September 28, 2009

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Parenting is a rewarding but overwhelming job. Parenting a child with special needs can feel even more overwhelming. That’s where the SpecialNeedsParentCoach comes in. This website/blog can be a great tool for parents. Parents can purchase a membership for more intensive support or take advantage of free telemseminars. The next teleseminar topics is “Planning for the Future When You Have a Child with Special Needs” – which willbe held next month on October 14.  For more info click here.

I think Joan Celebi’s Sample Morning Checklist is a great way to integrate a morning routine.  Starting off on the right foot can really impact the rest of a child’s (and your) day.  I love that the checklist only gives times for the first and last activity,  which can be helpful for those children who are anxious (“We’re going to be late for #__”) or are literal (“We can’t do that, it’s not ___ o’clock yet).



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