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Parents’ Night Out was a Success! February 25, 2010

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We’re happy to announce that our first Parents’ Night Out was a success!  The kids had a blast spending the evening at KidWorks, and the parents had a well-deserved Friday night to themselves.  Thank you to all of our UT volunteers for their help, and a big congratulations to Emily Hefft, MOTR/L for putting together a great respite night for our wonderful families.

Keep a look out for the next Parents’ Night Out!

Go KidWorks!


2 Responses to “Parents’ Night Out was a Success!”

  1. MCL Says:


    I was just wondering, is ‘parents night out’ more of a babysitting service or is it more therapy oriented for kids already being seen for therapy?


    • kidworkstherapy Says:

      Good question! Parents Night Out is a free respite event organized and run by a KidWorks Occupational Therapist, but the majority of the volunteers are UT students or KidWorks interns. Although the OTR choses activities that can be therapeutic in nature, we are not providing therapy, especially since we’re caring for our clients AND their siblings. So I guess you can look at it as “babysitting with benefits”. Hope that helps!

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