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Meet Melly February 10, 2009

Marshmellow "Melly"Marshmallow “Melly” is the Clinic Pet Therapist at KidWorks.  She is a laid-back, lovable, and popular 8 year old Spitz mix.  She has received Advanced Pet Therapy training through the Austin Dog Alliance, and is also a graduate of the Taurus Training Program in Austin. 

 Melly’s Messages is a weblog for KidWorks families and the Austin community. KidWorks is a small group of Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and one very special pet therapist dedicated to family-centered, individualized care.  KidWorks is committed to creating solutions that allow each child to create his/her own success in a fun, challenging, and safe environment.

Please visit our main site at www.kidworkstherapy.com


One Response to “Meet Melly”

  1. Grandma Dee Says:

    Love the new blog! Great to see our granddog being used for something fantastic.

    See you soon Melly,

    Love, Grandma

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