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Austin SPD Alliance April 6, 2011

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One of our awesome parents has put together a new website/resource for parents raising children with sensory processing disorder. In addition to promoting awareness of SPD, the Austin SPD Alliance hopes to bring parents together and help them advocate for their children. If you are interested in joining a discussion group for parents, led by a parent, please email info@austinspd.net!

Not in the Austin Area? The SPD Foundation has a list of parent groups across the U.S. , and even in other countries. Go to the SPD Foundation, then click on “Families”, then “Parent Connections”.


The Proprioceptive System April 4, 2011

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Check out this awesome video about how the proprioceptive system affects learning and behavior! It’s a great tool for explaining to friends, teachers, relatives about why your child is having difficulty at school or home.