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Speech & Hearing Screening Day! January 7, 2010

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Mark your calendars! KidWorks will be hosting a Speech & Hearing Screening for children of all ages on Saturday, January 30th, from 8am-3pm.

Communication disorders are among the most common disabilities in the United States. KidWorks has embarked on a community outreach  mission, to educate the community and identify children with  speech and language disorders at an early age.  Early intervention has become an important tool in decreasing the number of children in speech therapy in the school age years.

If you or anyone you know are questioning whether or not your young child is meeting his or her speech and language developmental milestones, a screening is pertinent to your child’s future. Or, if your child is school-aged and is showing any difficulties in the following areas, a KidWorks speech-pathologist can help you decide if he or she needs help.  Here is a list of possible areas of concern:

· Following directions

· Being understood

· Answering and asking questions

· Expressing their wants and needs

· Hearing

· Frustration when communicating

· Interacting with peers

· Vocabulary

· Diet due to being a picky eater

· Eating or swallowing

· Stuttering or stammering

· School work or grades

If you are interested in a screening, call KidWorks at 444-7219 to schedule an appointment.

Screenings will take approximately15-20 minutes and cost $25 per child.

Food and drinks will be provided by Central Market.